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Media appearances

Our Sleuth Investigative Services' investigators have on several occusions featured in the media for their professional work and expert opinions.  As can be gauged from their media activities ranging from TV program appearances to overseas and local newspapers interviews, Sleuth Investigative Services are the go-to experts on trapping criminals.  Whether they be online scamsters, blackmail artists, or members of organised crime, Sleuth succeeds in bringing the culprits to justice when many others have failed.

Espresso Live TV show

Senior Private Investigator Dawie Naude on Espresso Live discussing the many online scams unsuspecting people fall prey to.


Senior Private Investigator Dawie Naude has the honour, and pleasure, of accompanying Miss World Rolene Strauss to the Leeuwkop Prison outside Johannesburg.

Sleuth Investigators in the print media

Dewani investigation in The Telegraph:

Anni Ninna Dewani was a Swedish woman who was murdered while on her honeymoon in South Africa after the taxi in which she and her husband were travelling was hijacked.   Our own Dave Miller assited Mr Dewani's father and brother when they rang him from Britain in the early hours on the night of her disappearance.  Read more from the Dave Miller interview in The Telegraph.  You too can contact an experienced private investigator here.

Sleuth detectives in the news

Sextortion in the Eastern Province Herald:

Senior Investigator Dawie Naude who has vast experience in investigating online sextortion cases was interviewed by the Herald on this all too common crime.  Read how we can help you on your extortion case here.

The company we keep

Sleuth Detectives have worked with a wide range of private individuals and corporate entities and we pride ourselves in maintaining our clients' confidentiality.  Most of our cases are highly sensitive and extremely confidential and therefore the references supplied here are only a small selection of all the clients we serve and only those for which we have express permission from our clients.


Corporate References

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