Professional. Trustworthy. Proven.
Professional. Trustworthy. Proven.


Blackmail is a serious and growing problem in SA

Are you being blackmailed and you don't know what to do? Want the problem to go away discreetly?  Want to protect your reputation?

Let Sleuth Investigative Services help you.  We are Private Detectives who have dealt with blackmail problems many times and we know how to help you.  Quickly. Quietly. Legally. Done.

Sextortion in the news!

One of our lead Investigators, Dawie Naude, was recently interviewed by The Herald.  Read more about sextortion in this article.


Online blackmail

In modern society, most communication takes place via the internet.  Whether it is Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, or even good old email, criminals will use it to their advantage.  Online Extortion or Blackmail is fast becoming a major online hazard.

Online scams

  • Sexted with an ex-boyfriend and now he wants to send your sensitive pictures to everyone on Facebook?
  • Dated someone on Tinder who wants to out you to your spouse?
  • Shared naked pics on Facebook?
  • Had contact with someone in the sex industry and now they want more money?
  • Fell victim to the Ashley Madison hacking?
  • Made an online friend who needs money and keeps on asking for more?

In the course of our investigations we have successfully dealt with all the above types of online blackmail. Let us act decisively on your behalf

Get private detectives to help you with your blackmail problem

About us

  • Sleuth Investigative Services are Private Detectives who are registered with PSIRA, the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority. 
  • All our agents have previously worked as detectives for the South African Police Service with years of experience
  • We regularly deal with Blackmail, Extortion, or other Online Crime Incidents.
  • We have an excellent success rate and are ready to assist you.  

Find out more about us HERE.

Extortion is a serious schedule one offense.  This means the offender can be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and sent to jail.  We can collect the required evidence and open a docket with the police.  If you don't want to press charges, we also assist with stopping the dissemination of incriminating pictures or documents.

Even if you don't know who is blackmailing, we can help you find out.  We utilise the latest electronic tracking and tracing technologies.

Stop paying the leaches.  Let us handle the matter for you: quietly and confidentially.

Are you afraid you will be the victim of revenge porn?  Sleuth Investigative Services have years of experience in dealing with cyber blackmail and extortion.  Let us help you.

Most common blackmail scam in South Africa

We have found that the most common blackmail scam in South Africa relates to the use of Facebook.  The scam artists set up a fake profile account and start targeting you.  They will spend a tremendous amount of time and effort to convince you that they are real.  REAL people with REAL lives, and a REAL special interest in you.  They will have extremely elaborate backstories worked out.  You start trading stories and innocuous pictures and you make a personal connection.  Finally there is someone who likes you for who you really are.  

You might even believe that you are in love.  Then things start to escalate: they will ask you to send an intimate picture.  Nude, or anything that you might feel embarrassed about if it were disclosed. This is when they pounce and reveal their real agenda:  They ask you to send them money, or they will reveal your shameful secret to everyone on Facebook.  Of course you have friended them and they now have access to everyone in your close inner circle

They have lied to you, broken your heart, and to add insult to injury, they want to blackmail you for your money!

Your blackmail horror story has just started and you have no idea what to do.  You are NOT ALONESleuth Investigative Services can help you address the matter discreetly.  You have to act quickly before the matter escalates and gets out of control.  It's time to make THEM pay.