Professional. Trustworthy. Proven.
Professional. Trustworthy. Proven.


Serious & Violent Crime Investigations

We can immediately assist you or your company with any serious and violent crime investigation and will work with the SAPS assisting them with a fresh professional approach drawing on our experience and ex senior police investigation members to confront and apprehend the perpetrators targeting you or your company.

Digital Forensic Analysis

We are experts in data retrieval, information extraction and the analysis of mobile phones and computers. We have the experience, skills and resources to recover data or unmask harassing phone calls.

Fraud Investigations

We have detectives experienced in investigating incidents of fraud. Our investigations may combine a number of our computer forensic analysis and document analysis experts, as wells as surveillance in its many forms.


Domestic Investigations

We are highly experienced in the investigation of all types of marital, custody and infidelity/cheating within relationships cases.

Restraint of trade

We have successfully investigated numerous cases for corporate clients and smaller companies who had a restraint of trade in place per contract prohibiting business activities that is prohibited by the contract after termination of service, pension or while still in their employment

Missing Persons

Wanting to find a missing person in the South Africa? We can immediately assist you in searching for a missing family member or business partner and proactively assist the Police in their search drawing on our experience and resources


Other Services

Background Checks

One of the most essential and valuable investigation components in assisting the detective process is a background report comprising all the financial and important information regarding the suspect or business obtainable from our vast network of informants.

Asset Location Investigations

Information regarding an individual’s financial circumstances is an important factor to be considered before taking legal action to recover debts owed.


We have been involved in tracing individuals responsible for committing blackmail, bringing them to justice and preventing them from disseminating any incriminating information.  Click HERE for more information.

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Beware: Fly by night operators

There are several advertisers posing as detectives online.  They are happy to take your money, only to deliver no service and disappear with the cash.  Make sure that any private detective you plan to contact is a registered member of PSIRA, the industry controlling body.  That way, you know that they are who they say they are, and where to get hold of them once their website is suddenly shutdown.