Professional. Trustworthy. Proven.
Professional. Trustworthy. Proven.

Corporate Investigation

Employee theft is a growing problem

Are your employees stealing from your business? Want proof for disciplinary hearings and dismissal proceedings?  Want to protect your company reputation?

Let Sleuth Investigative Services help you.  We are Private Detectives who have dealt with the scourge of employee theft problems many times.  We know how to get rid of the problem and get the evidence you need.  Quickly. Quietly. Legally. Done.

Employee scams

During economic downturns, many employees turn to fraud and theft from their companies to plug the holes in their private budgets.  Their ingenuity knows no bounds and you need professionals to catch them in the act.  We use surveillance, lie detectors and money trail tracing to catch them red-handed  and supply proof that will withstand all legal scrutiny.

  • Simple pilfering from the cash box
  • Sale of stock pretending it was lost or damaged
  • Sale of your client list or other confidential information
  • Supply of company transport and safety information allowing others to steal your products with impunity
  • Fraudulent VAT returns with their own accounts as receiver
  • Updating your company's banking details at clients with their own
  • As a registered member of PSIRA, we are legally authorised to testify in court and lead any evidence we have found.

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In the course of our investigations we have successfully dealt with all the above types of employee theft. Let us act decisively on your behalf

Get private detectives to help you with your blackmail problem

About us

  • Sleuth Investigative Services are Private Detectives who are registered with PSIRA, the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority.  We can testify in court on your behalf.
  • All our agents have previously worked as detectives for the South African Police Service with years of experience
  • We regularly deal with Employee Theft, Company Fraud, or other Online Crime Incidents.
  • We have an excellent success rates and are ready to assist you.  

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There are hundreds of scams where people use your company information or profile to trick others out of your hard-earned cash.

Company scams you might recognize

  • Did someone fake an invoice and send it to one of your clients? 
  • Is someone updating your banking information with clients with an unknown account?  You do the work, someone else gets paid.
  • Is someone pretending to represent your company, ruining your reputation and running off with the money?
  • Are you tendering for government contracts to supply specific equipment only to find that either the tender or the supplier of the equipment is fake.

If you don't know who the perpetrator is, we can help you find out.  We utilise the latest electronic tracking and tracing technologies.

Don't let criminals ruin your business reputation.  Let us handle the matter for you and put them behind bars where they belong.

employee theft private investigation corporate investigators company fraud

Fraud and Theft

Have you fallen prey to company fraud? Sleuth Investigative Services have years of experience in dealing with company theft and fraud.  Let our experienced investigators help you.